Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Terrible Times

As a man who is legally married to another man in California, I have to say that every time we get news about Prop 8 being upheld - well it just makes me sick. I keep looking for VALID reasons why these idiots are so opposed to me being married? I'm sure that people were getting married before the bible was written. Atheist can get married. Buddhist can get married. And even worshipers of satan can get married. Marriage does not solely belong to the Christian Faith. The radical right have lied to the voters of California - they are lairs.

Now they have threatened our State Supreme Court with noises of recall. How shameful and petty.

Hear me - you self righteous liers and idiots - we have overcome the slanders, name calling, loss of jobs, beatings, imprisonments, and murders of our people at the hands of the likes of you and we will NEVER ever stop fighting for our Civil Rights. The right to live in peace and love - we will never stop

I am 1 of the 18,000

who is in a legal same sex marriage and I will never ever relinquish my marriage to you or anyone else - ever -

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