Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is not the real world

So I was thinking about the brilliantly stupid nomination of Sarah Pellin for VP. I heard it said that she has more Executive experience than all 3 of the other candidates put together. Hmmmm. Less than 24 months of experience as an Executive. In the real world 24 months of Executive experience "MAY" get you an interview (or are they counting her Mayoral duties of a town of less than 6,000?) Unless your company is racked with debt, scandal, and headed up by greedy a-holes, (Oh - that's our present day Federal Government. Now I see.)

then she might "might" have a very slim chance. But, the Republicans are at it again - trying to distract us. What is her stance on: The Economy, Healthcare, Social Security, International Affairs or Anything? This is a joke and it's a joke that we, as Americans, cannot afford to fall for.

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